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The Official Diddy 2023-24 GAS Hip-Hop Trading Cards Set

The Official Diddy 2023-24 GAS Hip-Hop Trading Cards Set

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GAS is proud to present the official Diddy Trading Cards in celebration of his 54th birthday and the release of his brand-new studio album The Love Album: Off the Grid. This complete five-card set in the 2023-24 GAS Hip-Hop design includes:
Card 1: Rookie Card featuring Diddy’s debut album, No Way Out
Card 2: Forever, Diddy’s hit second album
Card 3: “I’m A Savage,” the viral late ‘90s clip
Card 4: An iconic 2001 St. Tropez photo of Diddy shielded from the sun by his butler’s umbrella
Card 5: The viral photo of Diddy looking surprised at a basketball game, holding a wad of $100 bills and a single $1 bill

Sets with randomly inserted autographs and parallels contain a bonus sixth card:
1:2 Approximate Chance for a Base Parallel
1:10 Approximate Chance for an On-Card Autograph

Diddy Hand-Signed On-Card Autographs for all five cards include:
• #’d to 10 Rainbow Foil Prism Autographs
• #'d to 5 Stealth Foil Prism Autographs
• #’d 1/1 Cosmic Foil Prism Autographs

Parallels for all five cards include:
• #’d to 40 Retro Short Prints, featuring a retro baseball styled card design
• #’d to 25 Pixel Foil Prisms
• #’d to 10 Rainbow Foil Prisms
• #'d to 5 Stealth Foil Prisms
• #’d 1/1 Cosmic Foil Prisms

All cards come in a GAS branded magnetic one-touch case with a holographic GAS logo sticker seal, in a sealed GAS box. Standard trading card size: 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Shipping in 4-6 weeks. All sales are final. Art is subject to change. GAS is not responsible for any typographical or printer errors.

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