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GAS Series 3 #8 The Hill Abduction

GAS Series 3 #8 The Hill Abduction

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GAS is back with Series 3 of its iconic flagship series, featuring fascinating personalities and incredible events!

In 1961, Betty and Barney Hill encountered a UFO on a deserted New Hampshire highway after they “lost time” on their drive home from a weekend trip. Two hours later and 35 miles down the road they resumed consciousness. When the story leaked, they gained fame as the first widely reported alien abductees.

Open Edition: These cards will be available for 7 days, until Thursday 2/16 at 3pm PT [6pm ET] with the following parallels randomly inserted into the run, replacing the base card in your order:

  • 10 Sequentially Numbered Rainbow Foil  Cards
  • Numbered 1/1 Cosmic Foil Card

Select the 5-card bundle to receive a reduced price per card. All cards will come in a GAS branded one-touch case with a holographic GAS logo sticker seal inside a GAS branded sleeve. Standard trading card size: 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Shipping in 4-6 weeks.

All sales are final. Art is subject to change. GAS is not responsible for any typographical or printer errors.


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